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The Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle promotes good government through educational programming, social discourse, and support for progressive public policy, candidates and campaigns.

Help us raise money to fund the work of our new MDC administrative assistant, Debby Norman! The 2015 MDC budget adopted by the board in January calls for a $3,600 stipend to be paid to an administrative assistant to help with the day-to-day operations of the club. We are asking each MDC member to make a special donation of either $36, $136 or $360 to be used for this express purpose, to keep us in the black and ensure a more efficient and effective MDC. Thank you!

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Our Great Seal depicts a woolly mammoth, hind legs buckled, and a donkey, hind legs kicking.

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The Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle was established in 1956 to promote new ideas and growth for the Democratic Party and to provide a more progressive alternative to the mainstream Party apparatus. Its founding members were committed to reforming and building the Party by reaching out to independent voters, activating citizen interest and participation in politics, examining issues and supporting measures for the public good, and encouraging and aiding qualified younger candidates in running for public office.
For more than half a century, the MDC has preserved its unique identity as an independent, loosely organized group of present, past and prospective officeholders, community activists and interested citizens.

MDC Past Presidents Pete Francis, Justin Simmons and Nick Licata with MDC Great Seal print, 2011.

Although it operates outside of the official Party structure, the MDC is still very much a part of the Democratic Party tradition, and many MDC members are grassroots Party operatives and Party leaders.
By providing an informal, open forum for speakers and facilitating the free exchange of ideas, the MDC helps to guide and advise Party officials, influence elected and appointed decision-makers on matters of policy, and inform members and the general public about public affairs. Programs on local, national and international politics are interspersed with others that help members to understand governmental processes and political history, and are scheduled to complement and coincide with current events.
The MDC supports candidates and officeholders who share its progressive values. MDC members volunteer and contribute each election cycle, and MDC endorsements have long been coveted by campaigns and reported in the press. The MDC also takes visible and vocal public stands promoting public policy consistent with its values.

The MDC hosts numerous events for members during the year that combine nourishment with opportunities for networking. These include lunchtime programs, evening issue and candidate forums, happy hours and fundraisers, the Annual Meeting & Summer Social in June and the Winter Holiday Party in December.

Rep. Jim McDermott addresses MDC members at MDC Holiday Party, Anne Johnson's home, 2009.

"Good friends and dedicated Democrats - it's always a pleasure to meet with the MDC, listen to informed Democrats and learn more about the political pulse of our community." - U.S. Congressman Jim McDermott