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MDC Media Coverage

MDC new media panelists Kery Murakami, Josh Feit, Tim Harris and Alison Dempsey-Hall, 2009.

Extra campaign fizz: MDC backs, will raise funds for, school board challengers
Publicola (Erica C. Barnett) - 9/28/11

Licata v. Fox on $60 car tabs
Publicola (Erica C. Barnett) - 9/14/11

School Board candidates at Metro Dems event
Save Seattle Schools Community Blog (Melissa Westbrook) - 6/28/11

Seattle City Council candidates' voting records a mixed bag
Seattle Times (J.P. Wogan, Matt Kreamer) - 6/17/11

City Council forum: talk of tunnel, talk of too much talk
Seattle (Chris Grygiel) - 6/10/11

Seattle City Council candidates field questions at City Hall
Seattle Times (Emily Heffter) - 6/10/11

No challenger for Burgess?
The Stranger (Dominic Holden) - 6/10/11

Godden faces large slate of challengers on Seattle City Council
KUOW News (Amy Radil) - 6/10/11

Forum: Candidates for Seattle City Council at Seattle City Hall (co-hosted by Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes and moderated by former Seattle City Council President Peter Steinbrueck)
Seattle Channel - 6/10/11

Seattle City Council candidate forums begin
Seattle Times (Emily Heffter) - 6/8/11

State Democratic Party Chair unleashes against fascist, "evil" Republicans at downtown talk
Constantine: Metro "very skinny", needs nourishment
Seattle (Joel Connelly) - 1/9/11
Panel discussion: King County Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Brown, former Seattle City Council President and Parks Committee Chair Peter Steinbrueck, former WA Environmental Council President and WA State Parks and Recreation Commissioner Joan Thomas, and Seattle Port Commissioner Gael Tarleton on Keeping Our Parks Public (moderated by Friends of Seattle's Olmsted Parks and National Association of Olmsted Parks Board Member Eliza Davidson)
Money update on the initiatives
Bill Gates, Sr. stumps for state income tax
If extremes rule, elections become interest group hell
Fitzgibbon, gaining momentum, gets labor endorsement
McGinn: Road diets, tax levies, a "road map" for kids
Nickerson "road diet" gives Councilman Rasmussen indigestion
Panel discussion: UW Professor James Gregory, former Governor Mike Lowry, Representative Bob Hasegawa and William Gates, Sr. on WA state budget crisis and ideas for economic recovery/reform in the aftermath of the 2010 legislative session (moderated by MDC President Justin Simmons)
Walt Walkinshaw: An appreciation
WA State Democratic Party Chair Dwight Pelz and WA state Labor Council President Rick Bender on relationship between Democrats and Labor (moderated by MDC President Justin Simmons)
A small step for the generation that inhaled
Holmes backs marijuana decriminalization bill
With Pete Holmes in office, decriminalizing pot could actually be a drag for Seattle smokers
Will decriminalizing pot catch a buzz outside Seattle?
Licata faces stiff competition for first time in political life
"Regular Joe" Mallahan's stuck in the bike lane
Progressive Democratic group makes endorsements
Greens back Constantine in county exec race
The Metropolitan Democratic Club endorsements
Running their mouths: What I learned at the candidates' debate
Seattle City Council candidates performing under pressure
Local candidate debates: Who stepped up?
City employee enters race for Seattle City Council