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MDC Bylaws

[Adopted December 7, 2005; Revised October 8, 2008; January 27, 2010]
Section 1 Name
The name shall be the Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle (MDC). The MDC is a voluntary membership club.
Section 2 Mission
The MDC promotes good government through educational programming, social discourse, and support for progressive public policy, candidates and campaigns.
Section 3 Great Seal
The Great Seal of the MDC depicts a woolly mammoth, rear legs buckled, and a donkey, rear legs rampant.
Section 1 Classes
There shall be two classes of membership in the MDC, "active" and "lifetime honorary." Active members are persons who have paid current dues and have indicated and evidenced support for the purposes of the MDC. Lifetime honorary members are those who have been elected by the Board to that status.
Section 2 Dues
Annual dues are payable by July 1. Dues paid during the calendar year will count as paid for that year.
Section 3 Termination of Membership
Membership in the Club may be terminated for failure to pay dues in a timely fashion.
Section 1 Notice of Annual Meetings
There shall be an annual meeting of all MDC members each June, at a time and place to be set by the Board. Written notice of the annual meeting shall be provided to active members not less than 10 days before the meeting.
Section 2 Purpose of Annual Meetings
The annual meeting shall include the election of Board members.
Section 3 Quorum at Annual Meetings
A quorum at the annual meeting consists of 20 percent of the total MDC membership. A simple majority of those present is sufficient to validate a vote. If Board slots are contested, voting may be done by paper ballots.
Section 4 Proxies
Voting at the annual meeting may also occur by written proxy of active members, signed and dated by the member, and delivered no later than the day of the annual meeting.
Section 1 Number and Term
There shall be no more than 29 Board members elected for two-year staggered terms.
Section 2 Election of Officers
The Board elects a president, vice president, one or more secretaries, a treasurer and a newsletter editor following the annual meeting. The Board manages the affairs of the MDC. Other vice presidents may be appointed by the president to oversee particular areas, e.g., membership.
Section 3 Quorum
A quorum of the Board consists of 35 percent of the total number of Board members.
Section 4 Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall consist of three or more officers of the MDC, the newsletter editor and the Immediate Past President. The Executive Committee may make administrative decisions when the Board cannot be convened in a timely manner.
Section 5 Attendance
Board members are expected to attend Board meetings. Three consecutive unexcused absences from Board meetings, may, after due notice to the absent individual, constitute grounds for removal by the Board.
Section 6 Board Meetings
The Board shall meet at least once monthly, advance notice of which will be published in the newsletter. ALL MEMBERS ARE WELCOME AT AND ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND BOARD MEETINGS.
Section 7 Special Meetings
Special meetings of the Board and/or the executive committee may be called by the president or 10 percent of the Board's members on short notice (via e-mail and/or telephone) when circumstances warrant.
Section 8 Duties
Board members are expected to participate in and support activities of the organization, which may include membership in one or more committees, e.g., Nominating, Membership, Program, Special Events, Telephoning, Newsletter, Publicity, Administration (arranging meeting space, etc.).
Section 9 Vacancies
The Board may fill vacancies in its membership, subject to ratification at the next annual meeting.
Section 10 Rules of Procedure
Robert's Rules of Order will govern rules of procedure when not inconsistent with these bylaws and resolutions taken by the Board.
Section 1 Setting Fees
The Board shall set dues and admission charges for special events.
Section 2 The President
The president or his/her designee will chair all meetings, prepare an agenda for Board meetings, appoint Board members to committees when volunteers are wanting.
Section 3 The Vice President
The vice-president shall act as president in the absence of the president.
Section 4 The Secretary
The secretary shall keep a master list of Board members and all MDC members with relevant data (e.g., current mail and email address, telephone number, date and amount of dues collected). The secretary shall also keep a record of programs (invited speakers and the date on which they appear), actions taken on non-administrative matters (e.g., intent to write to the governor on a certain issue), which will be reported in the newsletter.
Section 5 The Treasurer
The treasurer shall be responsible for all funds, incoming and outgoing, of the MDC. He/she shall maintain a record of dues, event admissions and bar revenues, as well as expenditures. A report shall be given at the annual meeting or end of the fiscal year (June 30). The treasurer shall prepare a budget for approval before the beginning of the fiscal year (July 1st). Additionally, the treasurer shall report to the Board on a quarterly basis, following the end of a calendar quarter (March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31).
Financial records should be available to the Board as occasions warrant (e.g., when the Board wishes to make a donation and needs to know the amount of funds on hand).
Section 6 Expenditures Requiring Approval
Administrative expenditures that exceed the budgeted amount by 10 percent require Board approval.
Section 7 Newsletter Editor
The Newsletter Editor shall prepare at least 9 monthly newsletters to be mailed to all MDC members. Newsletters will include notice of upcoming meetings as well as actions taken at previous meetings. 
Section 8 Records
All records are open to inspection by members. Members may use the MDC mailing list (at their own expense for copying and mailing) for purposes approved in advance by the Board.
Section 9 Hiring Staff
Administrative help may be hired if a majority of a quorum of the Board so approves. Duties and amount of remuneration for such staff shall be set in writing. Some of the duties of board officials may be delegated to aid staff.. A simple majority of the total Board may eliminate the administrative position with 20 days' written notice.
Section 10 Amending Bylaws
Bylaws may be amended by an absolute majority of the total Board when prior notice of the proposed change has been presented in writing at the previous meeting.
Section 1 Voting Eligibility
All MDC members whose dues have been received no later than 30 days prior to the endorsement meeting are eligible to vote on endorsements of candidates, ballot measures, and resolutions.
Section 2 Early Endorsements
Early endorsements may be initiated by the MDC Board anytime prior to a scheduled endorsement meeting. A motion that has been made for an early endorsement shall be announced to the membership in the newsletter (or by other means) prior to the vote. The notice of vote will include the time and place of the vote. An early endorsement requires that a simple majority of those voting approve the action.
Section 3 Regular Endorsements
Endorsement ballots listing candidates and ballot measures shall be included in the newsletter (or mailed separately to members) prior to the scheduled endorsement meeting. To be counted, the ballots must be signed by the voting member and must be returned no later that the endorsement meeting. MDC members may vote either by ballot or in person at the endorsement meeting. A regular endorsement requires that a simple majority of those voting approve the action.
Section 4 Dual Endorsements
If, during a regularly scheduled endorsement meeting, no candidate in a particular race receives a simple majority of those voting, a motion may be made to endorse the two candidates who receive the most votes. No other motion on that race will be considered. A dual endorsement requires that 60 percent of those voting approve the action.
Section 5 Emergency Endorsements
When MDC wishes to endorse a candidate and it is not feasible to send ballots to the entire membership (as per regular endorsement procedure) prior to an endorsement vote, those present at the time of the motion may vote to endorse. An emergency endorsement requires that 60 percent of those voting approve the action.
Section 6 Notification of Endorsements
The Secretary shall immediately notify the relevant candidates and campaigns of the results of endorsement proceedings and shall inform them that they may use the MDC endorsement and membership contact information for purposes of their current campaigns only.
Section 7 Continuity of Endorsements
An MDC endorsement for a primary election carries over for those candidates whose names appear on the general election ballot, except that following a dual endorsement in a primary, the endorsement does not carry through to the general and a new endorsement may be made in that race.
Section 8 Resolutions
Resolutions may be proposed by members of the MDC. The board may entertain a motion to adopt a proposed resolution by announcing it in the newsletter (or by other means). Adoption of resolutions requires 50% approval with prior notice to the membership, or 60 percent approval if no prior notice is given.