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2014 MDC Primary Endorsements

The Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle has made the following endorsements for the 2014 primary election. The majority of the MDC’s voting membership believes these candidates and campaigns represent and will promote the progressive values we cherish. Please consider casting your votes accordingly.

US Congress

District 1, Suzan DelBene

District 5, Joe Pakootas 

District 7, Jim McDermott

District 8, Jason Ritchie

District 9, Adam Smith


WA Legislature

1st LD

Rep Pos 1, Derek Stanford

Rep Pos 2, Luis Moscoso

5th LD

Rep Pos 1, Essie Hicks

Rep Pos 2, David Spring

11th LD

Rep Pos 1, Zack Hudgins

Rep Pos 2, Steve Berquist

30th LD

Senate, Shari Song

Rep Pos 1, Greg Baruso

Rep Pos 2, Roger Freeman

31st LD

Rep Pos 1, Mike Sando

32nd LD

Senate, Maralyn Chase

Rep Pos 1, Cindy Ryu

Rep Pos 2, Ruth Kagi

33rd LD

Senate, Karen Keiser

Rep Pos 1, Tina Orwall

Rep Pos 2, Mia Gregorson

34th LD

Senate, Sharon Nelson

Rep Pos 1, Eileen Cody

Rep Pos 1, Joe Fitzgibbon

36th LD

Senate, Jeanne Kohl-Welles

Rep Pos 1, Reuven Carlyle

Rep Pos 2, Gael Tarleton

37th LD

Senate, Louis Watanabe

Rep Pos 1, Sharon Tomiko Santos

Rep Pos 1, Eric Pettigrew

41st LD

Rep Pos 1, Tana Senn

Rep Pos 2, Judy Clibborn

42nd LD 

Senate, Seth Fleetwood 

43rd LD

Senate, Jamie Pederson

Rep Pos 1, Brady Walkinshaw

Rep Pos 2, Frank Chopp

45th LD

Senate, Matt Isenhower

Rep Pos 1, Roger Goodman

Rep Pos 2, Larry Springer

46th LD

Senate, David Frockt

Rep Pos 1, Gerry Pollet

Rep Pos 2, Jessyn Farrell

47th LD

Senate, Carol Barber

Rep Pos 1, Chris Barringer

Rep Pos 2, Pat Sullivan

48th LD

Senate, Cyrus Habib

Rep Pos 1, Ross Hunter

Rep Pos 2, Joan McBride



State Supreme Court

Pos 1, Mary Yu

Pos 3, Mary Fairhurst

Pos 4, Charles Johnson

Pos 7, Debra Stephens

Court of Appeals Div 1 Dist 1

Pos 6, Ann Schindler

King County Superior Court

Pos 27, Tanya Thorp

Pos 47, Roger Rogoff

King County District Court

NE Dist Pos 1, Janet Garrow

W Dist Pos 2, Mark Chow

Seattle Municipal Court

Pos 2, Carolyn Kimi Kondo

Pos 7, Damon Shadid


Please note: Unopposed judicial candidates for King County District Court and Seattle Municipal Court were not considered in these proceedings due to lack of time. Members will vote on these candidates and ballot measures during the general endorsement proceedings September 24.


Ballot measures

Seattle Proposition 1, OPPOSE