Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle
Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle

2018 Endorsements

2018 Endorsements


2018 Endorsements


Following are the names of those endorsed during the primary endorsement proceedings of the Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle at its June 27 meeting. Also listed are those positions for which the winning vote was a “no endorsement.” For your information, no candidate was endorsed in the 8th CD, nor was there a majority vote for “no endorsement” in that race. In the race for senate in the 34th, the count for candidate Shannon Braddock tied with the total of all the votes for the other candidates plus no endorsement. In each case the name(s) of the Democratic candidate(s) to achieve top-two status in the primary will appear on our general endorsement ballot.

US Congress

Senator Maria Cantwell
1st Congressional District Suzan DelBene
3rd CD Carolyn Long
5th CD Lisa Brown
7th CD Pramila Jayapal
8th CD Dr Kim Schrier
9th CD Adam Smith

Washington State

Initiative 940 – YES
I-1631 – YES
I-1634 – NO
I 1639 – YES

Legislative District 1, Representative Position 1 Derek Stanford
LD 1 Pos 2 Shelley Kloba

LD 5 Pos 1 Bill Ramos
LD 5 Pos 2 Lisa Callan

LD 11 Pos 1 Zack Hudgins
LD 11 Pos 2 Steve Berquist

LD 30 Sen Claire Wilson
LD 30 Pos 1 Mike Pellicotti
LD 30 Pos 2 Kristine Reeves

LD 31 Sen Immaculate Ferraria
LD 31 Pos 1 Victoria Mena
LD 31 Pos 2 Mark Boswell

LD 32 Sen Maralyn Chase
LD 32 Pos 1 Cindy Ryu
LD 32 Pos 2 Chris Roberts

LD 33 Sen Karen Keiser
LD 33 Pos 1 Tina Orwall
LD 33 Pos 2 Mia Gregerson

LD 34 Sen Shannon Braddock
LD 34 Pos 1 Eileen Cody
LD 34 Pos 2 Joe Fitzgibbon

LD 36 Sen Reuven Carlyle
LD 36 Pos 1 Noel Frame
LD 36 Pos 2 Gael Tarleton

LD 37 Sen Rebecca Saldana
LD 37 Pos 1 Sharon Tomiko Santos
LD 37 Pos 2 Eric Pettigrew

LD 39 Sen No endorsement
LD 39 Pos 1 Ivan Lewis
LD 39 Pos 2 Eric Halvorson

LD 41 Pos 1 Tana Senn
LD 41 Pos 2 My-Linh Thai

LD 43 Sen Jamie Pedersen
LD 43 Pos 1 Nicole Macri
LD 43 Pos 2 Frank Chopp

LD 45 Sen Manka Dhingra
LD 45 Pos 1 Roger Goodman
LD 45 Pos 2 Larry Springer

LD 46 Sen David Frockt
LD 46 Pos 1 Gerry Pollet
LD 46 Pos 2 Javier Valdez

LD 47 Sen Mona Das
LD 47 Pos 1 Debra Entenman
LD 47 Pos 2 Pat Sullivan

LD 48 Sen Patty Kuderer
LD 48 Pos 1 Vandana Slatter
LD 48 Pos 2 No endorsement

King County

Prosecutor Daron Morris


Supreme Court Justice 8 Stephen Gonzalez
Supreme Court Justice 9 Sheryl McCloud
King Co Dist Ct NE1 Joshua Schaer
King Co Dist Ct W1 Lisa Paglisotti
King Co Dist Ct W5 Anne Harper
King Co Dist Ct SE6 Rhonda Laumann
King Co Dist Ct Shoreline Joe Campagna
King Co Dist Ct Shoreline Marcine Anderson
Seattle Muni Court Andrea Chin